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Frequently Asked questions

Q - Where is the location of your business?

A - 11900 S. Highway 191 Moab, Utah

We are located 6 miles South of downtown Moab in the Moab Business Park. When you enter the driveway turn left and we are the 5th building on the left. 

Q - Can I drive the rental UTV from your rental location to the off road trails?

A - Yes. Most of the popular off road trails in the Moab area are accessible from our rental location. 


Q - Do I need to fill with gas before I return the rental?

A - No

Q - Do I need to wash the rental before the rental is returned?

A - Not typically for normal dirt, dust and mud acquired while off roading. However, if the UTV is returned excessively muddy, a cleaning charge may be applied.

Q - How far can I go without needing to trailer a rental UTV?

A - Typically you can reach most of the iconic Moab area trails right from our rental location. This direct access area is approximately within a 10 mile radius and any trails beyond that will require a trailer. We have trailers available for rent.


Q - Can I drive the rental UTV on the street(s). 

A - There are statewide laws specific to OHV/UTVs restricting use on sections of highways with speed limits over 45 mph, divided highways and Interstates.  These specific laws apply to our rental UTVs; otherwise, our rental UTVs are street legal and can be driven on public streets, roads, trails and highways. There are city and county ordinances regarding OHV/UTV use related to noise, operation of OHV/UTVs in residential areas, nighttime curfews, and special OHV/UTV speed limits. Simple courtesy is paramount in all regards.


Q - What if I breakdown out on the trail?

A - We have GPS on our UTVs and can monitor live data and can respond to your location if something seems out of the ordinary. We will usually text or call first and if there is no reply, we will dispatch a recovery team to the last known GPS location. Renters should plan for unforeseen circumstances and carry extra water, snacks, phone, clothing, sun screen, etc.  A cell phone is your best avenue to call for help. However, there are many people out on the trails and are typically able to get messages to us or others for assistance.


Q - Can I take the rental UTV to / into the National Parks?

A:  No, all UTV’s are strictly prohibited from the national parks per their guidelines. This includes Arches & Canyonlands. Our recommendation is to phone the specific park and inquire about any rules and or restrictions based on what you are wanting to see and do at each park.


Q - Can I install a car seat and take my infant / toddler in the UTV?

A:  Yes, car seats can fit in our UTV’s and be secured with the 3-point seat belt. However, there are no anchor points.


Q - I am not familiar with the area how do I figure out where to go?

A - We can provide directions, trail maps and recommendations based on your experience level, adventure expectations, and time constraints.  You can use many online resources to learn and understand the area, trails, and scenic opportunities. 


Q - Will I need to carry extra gas?

A - If you are on a half day or full day adventure you will have plenty of gas for the day. If you are on a multiple day adventure you will need to carry extra gas. The machine capacity is 9.5 gallons of typical unleaded gasoline.


Q - Do I need a helmet?

A - Helmets are required by state law for occupant(s) under 18 years old. Helmets are optional if occupant(s) are over 18 years old.

Q:  Can I bring my pet?

A - Typically yes. However, please call to discuss as there are important considerations.

Q - Can I take 5 people in a 4 seat UTV?

A - No. Seat belts are required by law and each UTV is equipped accordingly to number of occupants.


Q - Do I need other safety equipment?

A - Other safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, and protective clothing can add to the off road experience but are optional.

Q - What is your cancellation policy?

A - You may cancel your reservation at any time. However, if you cancel your reservation less than 24 hours prior to your reservation start time and date or did not purchase Peek Protect reservation protection you will not be refunded. If you purchased the Peek Protect reservation protection you will receive an eighty percent (80%) refund. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Our Cancellation Policy is a bit strict as when a UTV is reserved for a specific time / date, the UTV is no longer available for someone else to reserve / rent and almost always is un-rentable. The associated business interruption and lost revenue comes at a cost.


Q - Can I drink alcoholic beverages while operating an UTV?

A - No. The same State / Federal drinking / impaired motor vehicle driving laws apply to the operation of UTVs.

Q - Can I install a car seat and take my infant / toddler in the UTV?

A: Yes, car seats can fit in our UTV’s and be secured with the 3-point seat belt. However, there are no anchor points.We also have machines equipped with a fifth seat (bump seat)

with harness for children under 60 pounds.

Q - Can I take 5 people in a 4 seat UTV?

A – Maybe if the fifth person is a child under 60 pounds. Some of our machines are equipped with a fifth seat for a child that includes a 4-point harness; otherwise, our machines allow for 2 or 4 passengers depending on the model of machine (2 seater or 4 seater)

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