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      F and l llC dba/Slick Rock Off-Road Rentals & Auto Spa

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Prices are subject to seasonal change or to change without notice. Reservations are NOT guaranteed and we reserve the right to cancel at any time.


Notice - Slick Rock Off Road Rentals is located in the Spanish Valley area of Northern San Juan County Utah. All marketing and business activities are conducted in and are for the benefit of San Juan County, the State of Utah, residents, customers, and Slick Rock Off Road Rentals located therein. Utah State and San Juan County Sales & Use tax rates apply. All social media, printed media, internet, email,  advertising, marketing and promotion is directed solely to attracting business in San Juan County, the related Southeast Utah general tourism public access area(s), State and National Parks. Marketing, advertising and promotion is not intended for Grand County Utah directly or indirectly but may be observed occasionally, coincidentally and or unintentionally; and is thus is not approved by and out of or beyond the control of Slick Rock Off Road Rentals, its owners, employees, assigns, agents, and or customers.

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